Truthfulness:       We tell the truth; we tell the truth again; and we tell the whole truth again. By being honest, we are transparent with all of the Agency’s operation. This is the most important value of St. Nick’s Kids, Inc. Commitment:   Help children find families, who will love, cherish and nurture them.  Every step that St. Nick’s Kids, Inc. takes is focused on children, who loving families adopt. Respect: St. Nick’s Kids, Inc. respects the sacrifice that birth parents make when they develop an adoption plan, when they put their personal feelings aside and consider what is in the best interest of their child. The Agency respects PAPs for their love of children, for their commitment to make their family work and nurture their adopted children to reach their greatest potential. Most of all, St. Nick’s Kids, Inc. respects the fact that every child should have his own forever family and not live in an institution or foster home.